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IT Support and Computing

These services are available to York College students, faculty, and staff to help them access and use academic technology, including help with computers, devices, printing, and other peripherals.

Step to use Desktop Magnifier

York College Library's goal is to provide access for all of our users, including those with permanent or temporary disabilities. 

Adaptive Technology

For those who need adaptive technologies Computing Room, York College Library has an individual lab (AC-3G12) that offers a variety of specialized hardware and software.

The following specialized hardware and software are available in the Adaptive Computing Labs:

  • Kurzweil 1000: reads books and other print materials aloud
  • CCTV: closed circuit enlargement of print materials
  • JAWS: allows users to listen to the contents of the computer’s screen
  • ZoomText: magnification and screen reading
  • Dragon Naturally Speaking: allows users to dictate, rather than type

Topaz XL HD Desktop 

Reading aid is available at York College Library for patrons with low vision. Options for reading aids currently, the library has installed six “Desktop Magnifiers” located by the windows facing Guy R. Brewer Blvd. Topaz XL HD Desktop can also be used with a computer connectivity pack. Individuals with low vision experiencing difficulty with color contrast, size, blurriness or loss of part of their visual field may benefit from this visual aid. 

The functionality of Topaz HD desktop 
Topaz XL HD Desktop provides magnification of hard copy and color contrast options like “white on black” or “yellow on blue." It has a reading table that allows easy movement of the item being magnified. The monitor can be adjusted in height, tilt, and angle and display magnification 1 through 16. The actual size and a position locator beam help the user find their place on the document, letting you see more when reading the newspaper, periodicals, photos, etc