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IT Support and Computing

These services are available to York College students, faculty, and staff to help them access and use academic technology, including help with computers, devices, printing, and other peripherals.

Activating Network Accounts—WiFi, and Wireless

York College Network Accounts, email addresses, and CUNY logins—

To login and reset your York Network Account, begin by logging in with our assigned Username and Password:

Prior to May 22, 2022, the student’s default password:


As of May 26th, 2022, the student the default network and email account password: 

Uppercase (Y) + Lowercase (c) + MMYYYY + LAST 4 of SSN (e.g. Yc1219985400).

Email accounts default format—


Temporary Password for 1st time users:

Your DOB (Yc + MMYYYY + LAST 4 of SSN)


Once accessing your account and the default credentials, reset your password.  When you encounter any difficulties with this or any other technology issue, you can request it by using the QLESS iPad Kiosk queue management system (located at the Library IT Service Desk), by submitting your name, employee ID and cell number. After that, you will receive a text message from the IT service desk addressing or escalating your issue. 

For those who wish to receive their IT support in person, IT service desks are located on the second floor of the Welcome Center, the main atrium lobby.

Login credentials for QHSSYC students

Please be advised that when QHSSYC students are asked for credentials before allowing access, guided through the following instructions for access to computers in the York College Library, QHSSYC students will need to change the domain to qhssyc\followed by their OSISID number.


For the password, enter just the OSISID number:

Computer username: qhssyc\OSISID 

Password: OSISID


When off campus, please log in with your QHSSYC student username/password (OSISID number/OSISID number) at the following link:

QHSSYC students VPN URL:  

User's account setup: Network connectivity

Network connectivity to the York College system is necessary for you to access all devices on campus and allows you to print documents using the Library.

User device, configure: Wireless connectivity 

Two wireless local area networks are available at York College. One is for use by all "YCWIFI" students, professors, and staff, and the other is for "YCGUEST." 

You may learn how to connect to the guest Wi-Fi network right here.

1. On Windows, click the "network icon" in the notification box. Click the "AirPort icon" in the menu bar for MAC.

2. Click "YCGUEST". After scanning the QR Code, a self-registration page should appear. Visit register.php  if the page doesn't appear.

3.Complete the form and click "Register". For your username and password to sign in, check your email and text messages.

YCGUEST and YCWIFI both require you to have a Network Account or require additional information from you.

If you know your York Network ID credentials,  please visit Wireless Connections — York College / CUNY for the step by step to connect your device seeing as the steps can vary based on your specific device.


Guest Generic Login, Print & Copy, WiFi Connection—

Go to the Reference Desk or IT Service Desk to request for a Guest Account. You start with 90 Minutes, with the potential to Extend your time if the Library is NOT Busy.  

Printing facility— is where you can create a Printing Account (see the Cash Kiosk).

Registration for WiFi access—York has a Guest WIFI that anyone can use to connect to for free called “YCGUEST” which is available to everyone. Simply open your browser and the Guest Registration page will automatically pop up. By completing the form this attached link (click here) to gain access to the network. Fill out the page and register. Check your email and text  message to get your username and password to sign in. 

YC Mail Application & Mobile device Setup

YC Mail Application & Mobile device Setup

The first step to using YC Mail is to claim your York email address. The easiest way to do this is to log into any of the Microsoft Office 365 applications, such as  Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and OneDrive. Logging into each application will be the same. Your temporary password can be found in the email that was assigned to you.

Email accounts default format—


Temporary Password for 1st time users: Your DOB (YC+ MMYYYY + LAST 4 of SSN)

If you’re having difficulty with this setup process, visit the IT desk.