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Social Work

This guide is a collection of resources to make research and library use easier for the social work students, faculty, and staff. It's designed as a central hub of information about the library & its social work-related resources.

Encyclopedia of Social Work

The Encyclopedia of Social Work is the first continuously updated online collaboration between the National Association of Social Workers (NASW Press) and Oxford University Press (OUP). Building off the classic reference work, a valuable tool for social workers for over 85 years, the online resource of the same name offers the reliability of print with the accessibility of a digital platform. Over 800 overview articles, on key topics ranging from international issues to ethical standards, offer students, scholars, and practitioners a trusted foundation for a lifetime of work and research, with new articles and revisions to existing articles added regularly. Use the link below to access this resource on or off campus.

Social Work Reference Center

Social Work Reference Center is written by a respected editorial faculty that creates content using a strict evidence-based editorial policy focused on systematic identification, evaluation and consolidation of the most current clinical research. This database is designed to support social workers and mental health professionals in their decision-making process by providing objective and unbiased information so they can make the best decisions for their patients. Content includes:

  • Evidence-based quick lessons
  • Evidence-based care sheets & summaries of the best and most current clinical data applicable to specific diseases and conditions
  • Clinical assessment tools, including interview guidance, research tools, a questionnaire, or guidelines for observation
  • Continuing Education modules, consisting of course material, an interactive review, and a competency test with a certificate of successful completion
  • Practices and skills checklists
  • Patient education handouts in both English and Spanish
  • Drug information from AHFS Drug Information Essentials.
  • Other subscription journal content through the library

Use the link below to access this resource on or off campus.

Social Work Abstracts

Social Work Abstracts is published by the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) and contains information on the fields of social work and human services from 1977 to present. The database provides exceptional coverage of over 500 journals in all areas of the profession, including theory and practice, areas of service, social issues, and social problems. It covers topics such as homelessness, AIDS, child and family welfare, aging, substance abuse, legislation, community organization and much more.

Practitioners and researchers in areas such as social sciences, gerontology, welfare, public health, criminology, and education as well as all areas of human services, can benefit from using this database. NASW also maintains the Register of Clinical Social Workers, a directory of clinical social workers in the United States. It contains information such as name, address, telephone number, employer, education, and employment history as well as type of practice and licensing information. Use the link below to access this resource on or off campus.

Social Science & Health Professional Databases

Interdisciplinary and cross-field research and collaboration are at the heart of social work research, in large part because of the nature of the issues and treatments that are being studied. You may find other social science or allied health databases are also very useful in social work research, including but not limited to:

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