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Social Work

This guide is a collection of resources to make research and library use easier for the social work students, faculty, and staff. It's designed as a central hub of information about the library & its social work-related resources.

Searching in Google Scholar

If you're using Google Scholar on campus, it will automatically show you York Library results.

Look for the "Find fulltext at York" link next to each article title. Use that link to get the full text via the library's resources.

google scholar libraries income inequality find full text at york

Library Links

You can also link your Google account to York, so the “Find fulltext at York” links will always appear if you're logged into your Google account. From, go to Settings and click on Library Links. Check all boxes for York College CUNY and click Save. If you’re logged into your Google account, it will remember that setting from now on.

Off-campus Scholar library links

If you are using a computer from off-campus, you will want to make sure that Google Scholar knows that you are from York College so you can see the "Find full-text at York" links.

How do I make Google remember my library links?

You can easily link your Google account to York, so the “Find fulltext at York” links will always appear. From, go to Settings and click on Library Links. Look for York College, check the box for York College CUNY, and click Save.


If you routinely use the same computer or browser, taking a minute to set this up once will save you a lot of time in the long run since Google will remember your York affiliation from now on.


Note: if you have a public library card (such as Queens Public Library, NYPL, or Brooklyn Public Library) you can add those libraries to your Scholar settings, too. It will give you even more full text options!

Finding interlibrary loan options

How do I find ILL options in Google Scholar?

1. Click the double arrows below the item:

search result google scholar


2. Then click the "York" link that appears to the left of the arrows:

search result google scholar


3. Select "Request [item] via ILL" to open a request form in York OneSearch:


You will need to create an ILLiad account if this is the first time you are using ILL at York. Otherwise, just login with your username and password and start requesting materials!


What if I don't see any ILL options? Can I still make a request?
Yes! After looking up the item in Google Scholar or WorldCat to get complete publication information, you can go directly to York's interlibrary loan page to make your request.


Set up LibKey Nomad for more article options

There is one other tool you can use to make your Google Scholar search experience even better. LibKey Nomad is a browser extension that makes downloading PDFs even easier.

What is LibKey Nomad and why would I use it?

LibKey Nomad is a browser extension that provides instant links to full text articles as you do research on the web. It quickly connects you with full-text journal article PDFs. Nomad is active on many sites for researchers, including publisher pages, PubMed, Wikipedia, results in Google Scholar, and more. It identifies content that is available through York Library and connects you to the article with one click. When you click on search results in Google Scholar and go to the publisher's website, you will see an option to download the PDF pop up in the bottom corner of the page.

nature article with nomad button


How do I set up Nomad? Do I need to create an account?

Nomad requires very little configuration. There are no user accounts to create, the extension does not ask for or store your institutional user credentials, and it does not run any scripts on any webpages other than specific publisher pages and select domains such as PubMed and Wikipedia.

Nomad is free to install and it is currently supported for Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Brave, and Vivaldi.  Installation is simple -- just visit and click the icon for your browser. Your browser will then ask you to confirm. Choose "York College - City University of New York" when prompted to select your organization and you are all set!

Beyond Google Scholar

Nomad integrates seamlessly with Wikipedia and PubMed, too! It will make finding PDFs and ILL options easier on both of these sites.

Wikipedia with LibKey Nomad installed:

wikipedia libkey nomad annotations


PubMed search results with LibKey Nomad installed: