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Citation Generators: Advantages and Disadvantages: GoogleScholar

This research guide offers an overview of the advantages and problems of citation creators or citation generators that are integrated in library OneSearch, databases, or are available online as free bibliographic tools to facilitate the creation of works

Citation Generator in GoogleScholar

Google Scholar has a citation feature which produces multiple citation styles, including APA, Chicago, and MLA. Put title information in the search box, click search and then click the right half of the quotation mark, you will see a list of citations. It is very convenient but the problems cannot be overlooked. 

Take APA Style in this Google Scholar auto-citation as an example. Problems with this citation include:
1.   APA 6 or APA 7? The edition of citation style is not clearly stated.
2.   Article title should follow sentence case. The letter "a" in subtitle should be capitalized.
3.   Journal title should follow title case. It should be "Research," instead of "research." 
4.   Page numbers are not complete. 

Suggested citation in APA 6 
Diers, D., & Downs, F. S. (1994). Colonizing: A measurement of the development of a profession. Nursing 
43, 316-318.

Suggested citation in APA 7
Diers, D., & Downs, F. S. (1994). Colonizing: A measurement of the development of a profession. Nursing
43(5), 316-318.

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