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Citation Generators: Advantages and Disadvantages: Home

This research guide offers an overview of the advantages and problems of citation creators or citation generators that are integrated in library OneSearch, databases, or are available online as free bibliographic tools to facilitate the creation of works

How to Pick a Citation Generator?


A citation generator is an online free service that helps users to automatically create bibliographic citations. Library catalogs and databases offer one-click function to create an auto citation to the item being searched. The websites provide various online forms that users can fill in bibliographic information taken from the item at their hands. As for bibliographic management systems, users have to upload bibliographic records into the system, which can either help create a single citation or entire bibliographies for their project. Citation generators bring convenience to users at the cost of quality. Whichever citation generator one chooses, remember: none of them are foolproof

Therefore, it is strongly recommended that citations generated by these tools should be checked against online APA, MLA, or Chicago style guides, or printed handbooks/manuals kept at the Circulation and Reserve section at the York College Library, or chat with a librarian for help.



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