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Wall Street Journal Digital Access: FAQ

York College students, faculty and staff can enjoy various ways of accessing the Wall Street Journal online.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I already pay for a personal Wall Street Journal subscription?

Current subscribers can call 1-800-JOURNAL (1-800-568-7625) to switch from their paid subscription to the membership through their campus and they will be refunded the remaining balance of their subscription.

Do I need to verify my York email address to register?

The registration should automatically recognize your valid York email when you sign up and you will be directed straight to In some cases, you may need to request a verification email when you log in for the second time – if so, just click the registration link in the email to activate your full access. There is no need to register again if you are able to access

I keep having to log into with my email address and password each time I want to enter the site, what can I do?

Some internet browsers allow the user to enable "'private browsing"' or "incognito” mode, which inhibits the use of cookies. If you are browsing in private mode, you will be prompted to log into for every new browsing session. Another issue might be the way your browser is set to automatically clear the cache/history. You can adjust these settings if you want your browser to remember your login.

Can I access WSJ off-campus?

Yes, as long as you have registered using your valid email address.

Can I access WSJ from my mobile device?

The Wall Street Journal offers a variety of iOS and Android apps for different devices, including Android tablets and phones, iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. WSJ is also available on other platforms, including Google Newsstand, Amazon Kindle Fire, and the Flipboard app. You can also always access using the browser on your mobile device.

Why am I asked to login on some occasions and not others?

This may be because of how your browser clears its Web cache/history. In such cases, you will need to login back into, but there is no need to register another account.

Do campus alumni have access?

Students, faculty, retirees, and staff will have access as long as they have a valid York email address.

Are there other Wall Street Journal resources available on campus?

Most campus libraries offer a variety of ways to search and view current and historical content of the Wall Street Journal online. Check with your campus librarian for specific details.