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Library Technology Guides

The instructional handbook for York College Library provides information on the technology resources available to students, faculty, staff, and community members. It covers information technology tools like computer labs and remote learning


Guides for Instructions

This comprehensive instructional handbook serves as a valuable resource for students, faculty, staff, community patrons, and upcoming orientation students of York College. It provides a detailed overview of the York College Library and its information technology infrastructure, offering an extensive guide to the diverse range of technology support and services available within the Library department.

The primary objective of this handbook is to empower users with the knowledge and understanding required to navigate the digital landscape of contemporary computing systems. It aims to equip users with the necessary skills to effectively utilize various devices, as the Library's functions now extend beyond traditional computers.

By utilizing this handbook, users will gain insights into the myriad technological resources and capabilities offered by the York College Library, fostering enhanced productivity and facilitating seamless engagement with the library's digital offerings.

We trust that this handbook will serve as an invaluable tool for users to optimize their interaction with the Library's information technology resources, further enriching their academic and research pursuits."

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Tech Support Literature: User Manuals

Literature of Technology Support & Services

RICOH: Copier Multifunction Guide

RICOH: The User's Guide to Multifunction Copiers

Our library has recently undergone a technology upgrade, and we are excited to introduce six state-of-the-art RICOH copiers: the IM5000 and IMC6000. These cutting-edge devices have been carefully selected to cater to the evolving needs of our patrons, providing a seamless and efficient printing and copying experience.

Accessing the copiers is a breeze with your Network ID credentials, thanks to our user-friendly interface. Prepare to enjoy faster turnaround times and enhanced productivity, as the IM5000 and IMC6000 boast an impressive print speed of 50 pages per minute. Rest assured, privacy is a top priority with these copiers, as they incorporate advanced security features such as user authentication and data encryption.

Using Ricoh to Scan Documents

Accessing RICOH Copiers

Ricoh Copier for B/W and Color Document Copying

MS 365 Apps: Overview of Microsoft 365 Cloud

The Microsoft 365 Cloud: A Comprehensive Overview

The Tech Literature provides an in-depth explanation of Microsoft Office 365 applications and software, along with detailed instructions on how to use each feature for beginners. With your York College Email account, you will have access to all these applications as a student, faculty member, or staff member at York College. Individuals who need assistance integrating technology into their daily lives can use this resource.

We are here to provide you with any assistance you may need if you have any further questions or comments.

Use the Accessibility Checker

Running the Accessibility Checker on the Windows Version of Word