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IT Support and Computing

These services are available to York College students, faculty, and staff to help them access and use academic technology, including help with computers, devices, printing, and other peripherals.

Library Computers

At York Library there are 288 computers in total. They are located on the 2nd floor and on the 3rd main floor. 31 are located in the Laboratory, and 219 are distributed across the campus. 18 are laptops and 20 are Microsoft Surface tablets. Throughout 2019, 170 PCs were thoroughly refreshed. There are also a variety of computer types, including 65 Dell OptiPlex 7060 computers and 105 Dell OptiPlex 7070 computers. 

All of these were refreshed in various places, from the common areas to all the information literacy classrooms in the library. Windows 10 Operating System is introduced with our latest refresh, while Microsoft's Office applications are updated to the latest version of "Microsoft 365" for seamless online integration (for more information, see the software section). Additionally, four circulation workstations and two reference desk workstations were upgraded to new, high-performance computers (Dell OptiPlex 7070s). 

Every Computer (Desktops, Laptops & Tablets) at York Library requires York College (YC) Network ID to Login, which provides access to a wide variety of Software.

Student Login Information for Computers, Printing & York College WiFi

Computer network username format: 
First initial + Last name (John Doe = jdoe) 
The temporary password for computer network account: 
Your D.O.B (MMYYYY) + last 4 digits of your SSN 

Still, having trouble? Stop by the IT Service Desk (inside library entrance by the front door) Student Walk-in Services on the 3rd floor for friendly assistance. Tel: 718-262-5311

Library visitors without a YC account can request a Guest Login at the Reference or IT Service Desk (please read the IT Service section for more info). Guest Station Computers are located on the 3rd floor — near the Reference Desk, just look for the sign upon entrance. 

 QHSS network Login — domain qhssyc\followed by their OSISID number

Queens High School for the Sciences (QHSS) has approximately 475 Students who also utilize the York College Library. Students use a generic Username/Password to access the Computers — obtained by request at the Reference Desk, each student is provided with a 14-Digit Passcode to remotely receive the Databases or borrow Books available at York’s Library. Please be advised that when QHSSYC students are asked for credentials before allowing access, guided through the following instructions for access to computers in York College Library, QHSSYC students will need to change the domain to qhssyc\followed by their OSISID number.  

For access to computers in York College Library, QHSSYC students will need to change the domain to qhssyc\ followed by their OSISID number.  
  1.  Computer username: qhssyc\OSISID
  2.  Password: OSISID

York’s Reservation System is made possible via CardinalReserve — implemented in every Computer of York’s Library, readily available for students to use. These Computers are numbered & divided by different Zones for theft protection, to make a reservation — student must use their York Network ID/Password. To request a York Network ID, please go to the IT Service Desk or check the IT Service section of this literature. To learn more regarding Computer Reservation, please check the CardinalReserve section of this LibGuide.

York’s Library provides each student with 2 hours per session to utilize the Computers. Please be advised Library Computers DON’T auto-save or retrieve data, therefore, saving everything BEFORE session-ends is the student’s responsibility. Computers do provide several notifications, including a Final Warning & if the work-in-progress isn’t saved prior to the end of a session — everything will be LOST. Neither the Librarians nor Staff are responsible for any loss of data or other personal belongings. Once a user leaves their computer, it will be considered vacant — making it available to other patrons at the Library.

Guest Computing & Printing 

Located on the 3rd floor of York’s Library near the Reference Desk — on the right side of the primary entrance. Guests are welcome to use the workstations, however; they may be asked to depart a workstation depending on library obligations. Library workstations should be utilized prominently for research, administrative, instructional, and intellectual purpose by York’s faculty, staff & students. Guests are able to utilize printing services at the library via printing Kiosk stations which are also located on the 3rd floor, next to the Circulation Desk.

Guest users are REQUIRED to create a Cardinal Account with Active Balance in order to print. For more information regarding activation of Cardinal Account, adding funds, or Kiosk; check the Pay Stations section of this Libguide.

Library Policy - For the reliability of Computers & Resources, users are forbidden from installing, utilizing, or developing programs, which may damage Computers or hinder their performance. Doing so will result in the convicted personnel being Fined. For more info, please check CUNY's Policy webpage.

Library Computer Lab —  Instructional Classroom (AC-3G09)

York’s Library features an advanced Information literacy Instructional Classroom (ILIC) — located in room AC-3G09; it is a highly secured Lab with electronic Door Locks that require York ID to unlock. This Smart Classroom facility features over 30 Windows Computers, alongside an interactive SmartBoard panel on a podium — powered by a Ceiling-mounted Projector. Technologies offered by this room can be accessed through appointments with Library Faculty. 

This Specialized Classroom may be reserved for crucial events, i.e. specific Class meetings requiring the deployment of such Technology, assessment tests, research introduction & more. Assistance with technology setup or function of Library ILIC Rooms can also be requested by calling IT Hotline (Ext. 5303), or by submitting the Classroom Technology Support Services — York College / CUNY — this form is dedicated to Technology Equip, Hyflex Classroom request for support by Faculty only. This is an internal special page reserved for a very specific requirement.



CUNY Virtual Computing

CUNY Virtual Computing 

CUNY provides premium applications for virtual computing to Students, Faculty/Staff, enabling them to Log-in using CUNYFirst ID for access to SPSS, SAS, Mathematica, Maplesoft, Matlab, ArcGIS — all of which are available through the VMware Horizon.

VMware Horizon Client 

A virtual environment that enables users to connect to CUNY's server for access to various premium applications. Simply by installing the VMware Horizon Client on personal computers; students get connected to York’s library computers virtually to utilize special applications required for all your courses, anytime from anywhere. VMware Horizon enables students to connect with the VM server for Virtual Machines (VM) in order to launch applications such as; ArcGIS, SPSS, SAS, Mathematica, Maplesoft, MatLab, and more from their home computers & utilize all of their features from this convenient all-in-one virtual platform offered by CUNY. 

Before starting — be sure to install the VMware Client from the Installation page. For more info regarding the available applications — check the CUNY Virtual Desktop page


Surface Pro tablets and Windows laptops

How do I borrow Surface Pro tablets and Windows laptops:

Laptops are available to validated York students on a first-come, first-serve basis; Laptops/ Surface Pro may not be reserved in advance. Laptops/ Surface Pro must be checked-out from the Circulation and Reserve Desk, and likewise — returned only through the Circulation and Reserve Desk no later than 15 minutes before closing on the due date.